SAE-Control a.s.
Kamenná 91
010 01 Žilina

Slovak republic

tel. +421 41 764 57 68
fax +421 41 763 18 00


SAE-Control a.s. Žilina was established in 1990 as a member of the SAE-Elektronik GmbH, Köln group. The companies build and deliver equipment, software, and systems for remote monitoring and process control.

SAE products contain complete communication and control elements and functions necessary in telemetric and SCADA systems.

SAE follows the trend  "all in one". SAE offers the customer compact and reliable products for favourable prices with minimal maintenance requirements throughout their lifetime.

There is no need to add any external elements so it is usually possible to save the material expenses. Moreover the external elements could represent a source of unreliability, which may lead to the increase of operation costs.

The basis of SAE systems are telecontrollers of FW type, operator panels KA and MT, and a software control system ReFlex 4.

Telecontrollers FW have advantages over PLCs for telemetry and SCADA systems. Telecontrollers FW unite the features of a communication computer (RTU) with the fundamental properties of programmable automata (PLC). Telecontrollers FW have a real time operating system.

Operator panels of the type KA and MT are very easy to configure. Their wide choice enables the customer to choose exactly what he needs.

The control software system ReFlex 4 is PC-based, located in the control rooms. The system runs under a real time operating system. It is open to different information systems on the platform of OS Windows, UNIX, QNX, Linux, DOS and so on.

SAE offers:
- low operation costs because the devices do not require almost any maintenance. They are resistant to critical weather conditions, interruption of power supply, electromagnetic disturbance and they tolerate considerably high voltage during storms.
- favourable cost to performance ratio. SAE products are of small size, modular, and they do not require special operating conditions. They can be equipped with a backup power source, communication modules of all standard types, and a radio or telephone modem.

The company SAE wants to release customers fromconcerns about building of their monitoring and control systems by delivering of a complex system. On the other side the compatibility, modularity and trabsparency of SAE devices enable to customers to expand their systems on their own and to adjust them according to their conception.

Automated SAE systems of remote monitoring and control are used in the Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic in the gas industry, mining, transportation systems, power and heating plants, energy distribution and use, airport control, solid waste management, and in water resource and wastewater engineering.

Automated systems for the monitoring of tightness of insulation foils in waste landfills were built in Japan, South Korea, Belgium, and France.